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July 2010



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Jul. 13th, 2010

I dream of Johnny Depp

That's right! A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Depp and I had quite a nice time in slumberland. Tea and crumpets for everyone! But for the sake of modesty and what not, details will not be indulged.

Apr. 14th, 2010

Acid Dreams (part one)

I have had two extremely intense dreams that have been pretty weird, even for me.

So my dream starts off with Pat and I moving into the dorms at UCR, but since this is a dream, they look nothing like real dorms. The building is this huge concrete block that's about 3 stories high. The building looks dismal and the actual campus is nowhere in sight. In fact, all that you can see surrounding the dorm building are hills. This is because the dorms are built into and underneath the hills creating a labyrinth, of tunnels, hallways and even large rooms that function as individual houses. Walking up to the building is like entering a space station. Here is this large concrete building with only one large opening similar to and airline hangar, only everything is dark and concrete. As we get closer to the opening, I start to realize that the building disappears into the hills and goes several stories into the earth. Not one or two stories underground, but I mean like Area 51 deep into the earth.

Once you get into the building, the air is muskier, it's dark, the artificial lighting reminds me of walking into Space Mountain, if only two light bulbs were on and the building was made from the magic of the celtics. About 10 feet into the building there is a large wall that goes up to the ceiling and the walkway is directed to the right is sloped and continues down two stories in a zig-zag pattern going downward. Oddly enough, along the walkway is a planter that has these beautiful tropical flowers and plants. Which I have no idea how they are growing in such dim lighting. My theory is that they are mutant plants from another planet.

Once you finally get to the bottom of the walkway, the inside opens up to this huge foyer-like area. On the left hand side there is a long hallway that leads to "the cool" dorms. Somehow, this is where all the "normal" college kids have rooms. Straight ahead is a meadow. And I mean a real meadow with grassy knolls, blue sky, rainbows, rabbits and sunshine, all underground. This meadow is not an illusion, it is a real meadow; it's like another world once inside the dorms once you go down the pathway. There are students lounging around on the grass and you can see the pillars that hold the building up and how it opens up to this magical meadow. All that is fine and dandy, but on the far right hand side is a cafeteria, completely stocked with long lines, metal line dividers, bad food and greasy college kids. And at the near right, there is an elevator area.

In this area is where the main dorm elevators and stairs are, which are also gigantically out of proportion and strangely orange. It is here that I realize that what may have seemed like only two or three stories high on the outside, is more like 11 or 12 on the inside; not to mention that the floors are staggered, or would seem to overlap each other. A mere impossibility in the real world; but here, dreams are made of acid.

These odd floors lead to the rooms and houses that are reserved for the "other" college students.

Pat and I have walked into the dorm building and down the pathway of mysterious tropical flowers and once we reach the bottom, where hundreds of colleges kids are, all shapes, sizes, ethnicity's, etc. He tells me that his room is on the left side of building, where all the "normal" kids are housed and I am to be in a room that is on the right side, on floor level 1/3. Pat meets up with some of his floor mates and dashes off to the left leaving me to wander timidly to the strange elevator area where I have to get to the 1/3 floor.

As I begin to walk toward the elevator area I run into one of Pat's (real life) roommates, C--- in a cafeteria line. He tells me something which I don't remember exactly, hands me a arm load of odd clothes, asks me to take them to a certain room and disappears into the jumbling mess of a cafeteria line. Now I am holding some acid washed jeans, a Michael Jackson red leather jacket, a Freddy Kruger mask and a soft purple raver blanket. So I take this motley collection of items to the room that I think C--- said to bring them to.

It is now getting dark, I can seem the sun begin to set on the outside of this weird dorm building and even the meadow on the inside is getting dusky. I begin to walk back up the zig-zag ramp to the outside world and where the sudden wall was at the entrance, there magically appears blue elevator doors. These are not the main elevator doors, in fact, it's not even an elevator. I open the doors and it leads to a stairway going up to more dorm rooms. Walking up these stairs is like walking up a rope bridge between two mountains. This area of the building doesn't have that many people around, and the more I walk up the steps the quieter it becomes. Once I reach the top of the stairs I see that the entire floor has expanded width-wise, creating a hallway of dorm rooms with purple doors, and everything else is drab gray concrete.

I enter one of the doors, hoping it is the right one. Inside the room I enter are two girls, barely 18 but super ghetto and honestly, kinda gangsta. The walls are a dirty lavender, there is a black bunk bed against the far wall with the mattress and sheets coming off of it. On the left wall is a window, about the size of a window you would expect to see in an old jail cell. Out of this window I can see that the sun has finally set and it is now sleepy hallow dark outside. I ask one of the girls if this is the room that C--- had said to bring the items I had been carrying and they tell me to set the stuff down on the dilapidated bunk bed. I ask if that was all I had to do, why I asked this question is beyond me but I asked anyway and they told I was free to leave. But then, one of the girls starts to talk to me about something, (I don't know what because I wasn't paying attention to what she was saying and only to the fact that I was beginning to miss Pat and wanted to find him.) As I slowly mosey my way toward the door, I break a lamp in the room, and in fear of breaking more things in the room I scurry out towards the blue doors, breaking even more things, as I head for the stairway.

Once I reach the stairway, everything seems slightly different. It's now completely dark, the dim fluorescent lights in the stairway are dingy and I hurriedly make my way down the stairs, anxious to get to Pat and find my room. As I walk down the stairs to the doorway that leads to the zig-zag concrete ramp there is a massive earthquake. It separates what was once a one-story stairway into a two-story stairway, it was like the whole building of the "dorm" expanded vertically. And it did. When the quake struck, the stairway was very crowded, and while it happened everyone on the stairway, began to slip, slide, and lose all balance as we all collided into one another. Once it ended, everyone was thankful that it had ended; and I resumed my mission down the pathway, past the underground hillside and towards the main elevators, where I was I assigned to my "others" dorm room.

I remember smelling stale pizza and fast food as I nervously started to make my way past the underground cafeteria and magical meadow, which was now completely a dark and dreary night; it seemed like all the chaos of the "normal" college students, going to their "normal" dorms seemed to fade away.

This is where it starts to get really weird.

So I walk up to the orange elevator doors where all the stagnant floors are, and I oddly enough find the door to my dorm. The doors is half visible and half underground, there is a jack of diamonds card in middle of the top part of the door. That's where you put your key to open the room, (which are different cards in a playing deck), and it's also used as an eye hole. I'm standing in front of this door that is shorter than me, fiddling with my pockets trying to find the nine of diamonds to open the door, when suddenly, the floor begins to drop, just like the haunted mansion at disneyland. As this is happening, I can begin to heard two people walking closer to the door. They're talking about the cards, how my card, the nine of diamonds, won't work because they just changed the suits to spades. The voices grow louder and the door slowly opens and I meet two of my many dorm mates.

You can imagine how surprised I was to see a Russian woman in her 40's, who is at the college because she's an international bodybuilder, and a small Asian man about the same age. They made quite the odd couple, but not nearly as odd as the inside of this dorm. The space opened up on the left in which there was a long concrete corridor with blue storage unit garage doors instead of regular doors. The inside is huge, cold and musky. The couple introduce themselves and tell me that they have been expecting me, (creepy), and start to show me around this "other" dorm. The first storage unit on the right looks like the insides of a car wash, but this is the "shower station". Further down, there is a mini gym, and finally it dead ends at another small orange door. . .

Aug. 12th, 2008

Android Dreams

Interesting dream the other night about technology wars in the future. it was very vivid and i can still recall it quite clearly as if i had just woken up from it. the dream played out like a movie in my mind's eye, but i don't remember how it started because some other dream lead into it.

so basically there are companies in the near future fighting over advanced technology. one rich white guy at the lead of this technology race invents a stimulus program, similar to the matrix, only it is real because the the other dimension that you enter in the stimulus program is real. this person has found access to another dimension in which you could live in that dimension in real time while still being in your home dimension. anyway, it is in the other dimension that they have slightly more advanced technology in which androids live like people do.

only the rich inventor and his small team know about the other dimension and it's capabilities, but there is a rival underground team that steals learned technology and uses it for evil. so, one day after having this stimulus program running well for over a year the rich inventor finds himself leading another life in the other dimension where he has a job, an apartment, social life, and starts to fall in love with an android. now, these androids do not look like robots at all, they look exactly like normal people, perhaps better looking than most people because they are engineered to have certain features, but they have the capacity to develop their own personality. the one thing about the other dimension that is particularly attractive is that the humans have better technology and know about our dimension but they are forbidden to cross over to our side because it is more corrupt. they live in a world where war is non-existent. only the inventor has access to this other dimension, and is not a person fond of conflict, so he is continually granted access to the other dimension so long as he remains peaceful.

the relationship between the android and the inventor is somewhat peculiar. in the other dimension the android is a young, single droid that lives by herself in a fairly basic but modern apartment with a cat. since androids are treated like humans, this droid does hold a job and such. she is a model with some questionable habits and is heavily into the nightlife. she meets the rich inventor one day while walking around the city looking for a job. the inventor at the time has just gotten through with meeting the delegates from the dimension and has just passed their test so that he may come back into their war-free world. so as fate would have it, they bump into each other and start to talk about what she does for a living. it turns out that she is low on cash because she has not gotten enough work lately because of all of her partying and drugs. so, he makes a proposition to her. he tells her that he will pay her to date him and fulfill his fantasies while his is in that dimension. hesitantly, she agrees but only for a very steep price, after all he is basically paying her like a prostitute.

so at first their "relationship" is awkward, (human and android, not to mention personality conflicts), but is still civil. she would take him out and show him a good time the cities of the other dimension and he got to be physical with her. over time, about half a year of the inventor goes to this other world daily, they start to fall in love with each other and forget about their original contract. as the inventor spends more and more time in the other dimension he begins to rely more and more on his team that helped him make the technology. he trusts them with not only his life, but the life of this android who he has fallen in love with and the whole world that she lives in.

now trouble starts to boil when the nemesis of the inventor starts to be a dick and wants to steal his technology. the bad guy doesn't know exactly what the inventor has stumbled onto, all that he knows is that the inventor made something incredible and wants the machines.

(more to come later. . .)

Jun. 11th, 2008

Escape Dream

Crazy dream #1
so here's the cast: patron, smatt, christina ricci, scarlet johanssen, the mad sisters, some random white guy, and myself. the eight of us are, (in my dream), really close friends and are out camping in an old rv in a place similar to the black forest but yet at the same time in the states. whilst partying a bit we get into trouble for not going to school, getting drunk all the time, drugs, etc. and the cops start to chase us out of the forest. the pursuit goes on for days and days before we reach a small city where we finally ditch the rv and steal an old red 1980's sedan. we pull little stunts like pick pocketing and stealing small essential items to get around. eventually we get a motel room and stay there for a few days before the cops try to get us again. scarlet and one of the mad sisters get caught trying to steal food or something along the line, so the rest of us book it and basically joy ride to an airport. amazingly, we all have the money to buy a one-way ticket to europe. once in europe we land in some eastern country, it was probably the ukraine or poland. from this point we basically pull small time scams to get money and live form hostel to hostel. about a week after being in europe, the american police have notified the eu about us being runaways. so we again go into some forest like area to hide out, but one night we were all too loud being drunk and the park rangers realize who we are and catch the other mad sister and the random white guy. the four of us that are left take off in our little stolen car in the woods and evade the park rangers for the time being. at the beginning of the day we finally find a suburb that we can hide out in for a while. we do our usual small time thievery during the day to stay alive, get food, get drunk and have fun exploring different places and people watching. one night at dusk we see the police at our stolen little car waiting for us to return, but it had already been too late for christina. they got her. smatt, patron and i start to run as we have never before. we hop through backyards and over train tracks to avoid getting caught. the chase had led into night and we needed a place of refuge. thankfully, some europeans had been watching the news about the runaways, (us), and had been sympathetic enough to let us stay at their house for the night. it was not much, maybe a two bedroom house at most. our host gave us bread and let us shower and change clothes while we stayed there. we had finally gotten to sleep peacefully after so long a journey, when suddenly in the early morning a knock at the door came. it was the police. we had to run again. we made our way safely out of the house for now the police were prepared to shoot us with pellets, so they could deport us. we slowly make our way further east and out of the city/suburb, stopping here and there for a bite to eat and get some rest. we had been napping in a park near the edge of a community when we woke up to the sounds of helicopters searching for us. smatt did not get up in time to run away and the police caught him. it was just pat and i now running through this vague little area of houses. the police were now directly on our tails and pat tried to convince me to give it up, we had had so much fun already and we should go home now to avoid harsh punishment, but i would not have it. the cops had now cornered us at the end of a cul-de-sac on which the other side was a steep hill. we hid on the side of a small backyard, the sirens and shouts from the speakers were blaring. the cops had their guns out ready to shoot us. we run and jump over some fences onto the other side of the fire fight, but they got pat. i had made it into the backyard of a small family who was sympathetic to runaways. the head of the family had agreed to help me escape safely, but only to get back to the states. he said he would help try to my other friends but could only help one. so naturally i chose pat. the man and his daughter had helped me in getting disguised and walked me to the train port where i could make it back without being in too much trouble. while i stayed at the train port with the man's daughter, he went to the police and explained to them that pat was one of his "nephews" that had gone insane and needed to be returned to him. the police went along with the story and soon pat joined the daughter and i at the train port. we hop onto the train safely, without any suspicion whatsoever. as the train starts to pull away the police stroll up with the rest of our friends in cuffs, waiting for the next train to come to take them away. pat and i made it safely back home, our only retribution was from our parents.

then. . .i woke up.